MAXX Competition Steering Wheel


The Maxx Competition is a steering wheel in suede or leather, 360mm in diameter and 70mm deep. It has traditional Racing visual but with a modern twist and produced with top technology. Constructed of 5mm high strength aluminum and coated in first-class suede, it ensures total grip when riding.


Suede   -   MXC-PR

Leather  -  MXC-CR

R-GT Steering Wheel



The R-GT is a steering wheel in Suede, 340mm in diameter and depth of 65mm. The first steering wheel developed with a focus on Brazilian Performance, has a modern look and at the same time allows a variety of applications. Exclusive grip. Constructed of high strength aluminum with 5mm thickness and coated in first-class suede, which guarantees total grip when riding.


Black  -  RGT-PR

Gold   -  RGT-DR

PRO DRAG Steering Wheel



The Pro Drag is a 100% aluminum Steering wheel, with perforated tube grip for weight relief. It is 360mm in diameter, 80mm deep and available in black anodizing, with Gold or Red Washers (can be mounted without Washers).

Weight relief is your primary focus taking less than 520g. Its sober, serious and aggressive look complete the package for the Drag Race universe. It comes with 2 buttons and is compatible with all Lotse accessories, including the New-Step Paddle Shifters.


Pro Drag Black with Gold Washers   -    PRO-DR

Pro Drag Black with Red Washers   -    PRO-VM

VELOX Steering Wheel


The Lotse Velox Steering Wheel is covered in Suede, 363mm in diameter and 40mm deep. It has aluminum structure of 5mm thickness, and exclusive position regulation for the buttons. It is the ideal option for those looking for a Racing steering wheel with little depth and medium / large diameter.


Black   -    VLB-PR

Gold    -    VLD-PR

DAKAR Steering Wheel


The Dakar Model is a very high quality Suede steering wheel, with a diameter of 350mm and depth that stands out with its 90mm. The Dakar Model fits into the famous Deep Dish style, steering wheels that marked the 80s and 90s in categories such as WRC, Tourism Comptrollers and today much used in Drift. For use on the tracks sure of perfect footprint and distance, for use in day-to-day leftovers style.


Suede / Yellow Stripe   -  DAK-PR

Lether / Yellow Stripe  -   DAK-CR

Suede / Red Stripe     -    DAK-PV

Lether / Red Stripe      -   DAK-CV

WRC Steering wheel



Coated in suede or leather of the highest quality, 350mm in diameter and 90mm deep, the WRC steering wheel can have its red or yellow stripe. It caters to virtually every category and many street projects. It is compatible to the most modern around the world in Racing and Circuit steering wheels.


Suede / Red Stripe    -   WRC-PV

Suede / Yellow Stripe  - WRC-PA

Lether / Red Stripe    -   WRC-CV

Lether / Yellow Stripe  - WRC -CA

RING Steering wheel


Coated in suede or leather of the highest quality, with a diameter of 350mm and a depth of 55mm, the Ring wheel enters the line completing the attention to the categories of Circuit, Rally, Performance and many Street projects. It is compatible to the most modern around the world in Racing and Circuit steering wheels.


Suede / Yellow Stripe   -  RIG-PR

Lether / Yellow Stripe  -   RIG-CR

Suede / Red Stripe     -    RIG-PV

Lether / Red Stripe    -     RIG-CV

GT330 Steering wheel


It has 330mm in diameter and 45mm in total depth. Traditional configuration in categories of Circuito, Rally of speed, Track Days and etc. Another auto racing icon on the Lotse line. It has option of leather coating the suede, and the two options can still coat the traditional yellow or red stripe.


Suede / Red Stripe    -   330-PV

Suede / Yellow Stripe  - 330-PA

Lether / Red Stripe   -   330-CV

Lether / Yellow Stripe - 330-CA

ULTRA Steering wheel


It has 330mm of diameter and 45mm of total depth, as well as the GT330, even has the same handle. The Ultra is a product focused on vehicles of use in Track, offering besides a firm grip and medium / small diameter, 6 options of push button, where the adhesive of the function is edited by the own user.


Download the Sticker Editing file (Photoshop file)


Suede / Red Stripe    -   ULT-PV


R-Line Steering Wheel



The R-LINE steering wheel is made of very high quality Suede, 320mm in diameter, and carries the exclusive Pro-Mod, Prototypes, Circuit and other applications such as Experimental and TrackDays. It is compatible to the most modern around the world in Racing and Circuit steering wheels



F-Line Steering Wheel


With 285mm diameter the F-LINE steering wheel takes the Lotse to the cockpits of the most varied Formulas and Prototypes. It is compatible to the most modern around the world in Racing and Circuit steering wheels.



SUPREMO Kart Steering Wheel



The Supremo Steering Wheel has 350mm in diameter that allow a more accurate touch with more lightness and comfort and only 750g. Coated with suede and two types of synthetic, its adherence is total. To close the structure in aluminum guarantees total lightness.


SUP-PR  (Black)

SUP-AM (Yellow Top, Black in Sides and Base)

SUP-VM (Silver Top, Black Sides and Red Suede Base)

SUP-AZ  (Silver Top, Black Sides and Blue Suede Base)



The Dragster Junior Steering Wheel was born from a special design for the  Piloto Luiz Felipe #95, of the category Dragster Jr, that runs in the championships of Arrancada in of São Paulo. It has perfect ergonomics for the little Pilots. Constructed of aluminum, it already comes with a Paddle and Snap-fit ​​Quick-Release hub.

Gold   -  DJR-PR

Black  - DJR-DR


SNAP-FIT VW and Mitsubishi Hub (Quick release)


The Snap-fit ​​has the body made of Aluminum, which has two parts, one is the body that must be fixed to the steering wheel (Golden trigger), the other is the pinion manufactured in Steel, which must be fixed to the steering rod of the vehicle . The locking system is for 3 beads.



Volkswagen - Golf until 98 / Fox until 95 / Beetle above 77)

Renault  - Clio until 2008



Mitsubishi - (L200 / Pajero / Eclispe / Lancer)


ATTENTION: The Snapfit is a piece intended for use on the Tracks.


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SNAP-FIT UNIVERSAL Hub (Quick Release)


The Snap-fit ​​is made of 100% aluminum, has two parts, one is the body that must be fixed to the steering wheel (gray trigger), the other is the pinion that has a base of 6 holes that must be fixed to the hub of the respective (see Hub Adapter List).

This Hub must be purchased separately, and may be manufactured by Lotse, or other manufacturers. The locking system is provided by 3 beads, and the locking takes place in the same position from which it was removed.


SNF-UN  (Hub Adapter must be purchased separately)



ATTENTION: The Snapfit is a piece intended for use on the Tracks.




NEW-STEP Paddle-Shifters


The NewStep is a Paddle-Shift system, which enables its application in many functions, by the simple 2-pole positive / negative system.

Among some of these performance related functions are: 2Step and 3Step, Line Lock, Bootser, Nitro, Shiter, among others. This new version is even more compact, robust and features finishing details that make it more closed, in addition to accompanying a CABLE FOR EASY INSTALLATION. Can be installed from a single side, or using two pieces if you have butterflies on both sides.


NST-PR  -  Black

NST-PD  -  Gold / Black 


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The Interlagos Shift-Knob is produced in 100% aluminum in gray, silvere and matte black colors, with 55mm of diameter. Its installation is universal and is fixed by 2 built-in screws.


INT-PR  -  Black

INT-CZ -  Silver

INT-GR  -  Grey 




The Competition Shift-Knob is made of 100% aluminum in silver, grey and matte black colors, being 105mm long and 35mm wide. Its installation is universal and is fixed by 2 built-in screws.


COM-PR  -  Black

COM-CZ -  Silver

COM-GR  -  Grey 

COMPETITION Shift-Knob with Botton


The Competition shift-knob has this version with a push button, indicated for the VW line, because the lever is leaked, facilitating the passage of the cable. The Handle already comes with a cable attached to the button to facilitate installation. It is produced 100% in matte black aluminum, having 105mm length and 35mm width. Its installation is universal and is fixed by 2 built-in screws.


COB-PR  -  Black



The ClubSport ClubSport is made of 100% aluminum in Black color, 80mm long and 44mm wide. Its installation is universal but recommended for vehicles with a reverse trigger


CLU-PR  -  Black




The Lotse Parachute Lever is produced 100% in aluminum and designed in a way that has very low weight. Its clamp was made for fixing to the tubes of Santo Antonio with 38mm of diameter, required in regulations


ALV-PR  -  Black

ALV-DR  -  Gold

Hook Steering Wheel and Helmet


From the place of rest to your steering wheel and helmet. The Lotse Hook is produced 100% in aluminum, with fine finish and anodizing.

Its clamp was made for fixing to the tubes of Santo Antonio with 38mm in diameter, which are those required in regulation.


GAN-DR  -  Gold

GAN-PR  -   Black



The spacer flange is intended to increase the distance between the steering wheel and the vehicle panel when required, usually for vehicles where the handwheel handle is too close to the arrow controls. It is 20mm thick and is made of Nylon.



ADAPTER to Logitech G27 Steering Wheel


The adapter flange for G27 aims to make it possible to install Lotse Steering wheel on the G27 Steering Wheel, thus transforming the equipment into a perfect simulation of a Real Steering Wheel for Virtual Automobile. It is composed of 3 parts to ensure a perfect alignment of the steering wheel and allow the passage of bios to buttons for the interior of the body of the G27.





The Button Plate is an accessory for those who need to add more buttons to the Lotse steering wheels. It is made of aluminum and comes with 2 buttons. This product also allows the installation of 4 buttons, using two plates mounted in parallel.






The Competition Button is the same as most Competition steering wheels. Its body is 12mm in diameter and 38mm in length.







The Two-Step Aluminum Button is built for Drag Races, where the Two Step button requires high mechanical resistance. Must be mounted in 12mm holes.





The Spiral Cable Lotse offers ease in installation of up to 4 drives, has 250mm length collapsed, reaching up to 800mm stretched. The spiral cable facilitates the installation of buttons and butterflies, helps in the electrical organization and allows rotation around the hub when weeding the Steering wheel.





The Spiral Cable with PLUG has exactly the same characteristics as the single cable (above). With the great facilitator to accompany Plug Male and female already installed. The cable plug has a latch so that it does not come loose with vibration.








CA100 / CS100: Gol, Santana e Passat < 88; 

CA101 / CS101: Gol, Santana 89 até 95; 

CA102 / CS102: Gol Bola, GIII, Golf até 2006 (geração 4), Polo(antigo), Seat, Cordoba, Bora, Audi A3 > 95

CA103 / CS103: Fusca, Brasilia, Variant até 76

CA104 / CS104: Fusca, Brasilia, Variant 77 > 

CA107 / CS107: Polo(novo SEM AIRBAG), Golf a partir de 2007 (Geração 4,5 / SEM AIRBAG), Fox. 





CA200 / CS200: Corsa até 2001, Celta, Kadett, Vectra (até 2005 s/AirBag), Omega, Astra, Monza, Calibra

CA201 / CS201: S10, Dakota, Opala >78 , Silverado, Dodge, Caravan, Engesa

CA202 / CS202: Opala,Puma GTB < 77

CA203 / CS203: Chevette, Marajó, Chevy

CA204 / CS204: Pick-up, D20

CA205 / CS205: Puma

CA206 / CS206: Corsa >2002, Astra (novo á partir de 98), Montana, Zafira, 

CA207 / CS207: Celta (buzina lateral)





CA300 / CS300: Palio, Marea, Stilo, Brava, Siena, Weekend,  Uno > 2009

CA301 / CS301: Tempra, Uno 95 á 2008 (buz.central)

CA302 / CS302: Oggy, Fiat 147 ano 81 > , Niva

CA303 / CS303: Uno (buz.lateral), Elba , Fiorino, Premio

CA304 / CS304: Fiat 147 até 80





CA400 / CS400: 206/106(buz.lateral), Corolla , Citroen ZX , Xsara

CA401 / CS401: 206/106(buz.central)

CA402 / CS402: Clio e Sandero 2008 á 2012, Kangoo 

CA100 / CS100: Clio até 2007, Twingo, 19





CA500 / CS500: Corcel II , Toyota Bandeirante

CA501 / CS501: Corcel, Maverick

CA502 / CS502: Pick-up (F1000, F100)

CA503 / CS503: Del Rey, Pampa

CA504 / CS504: Escort 84/86

CA505 / CS505: Fiesta Modelo Novo, Ka Modelo Novo

CA506 / CS506: Escort 87 até 92, Hobby, Apolo e Verona todos

CA507 / CS507: Escort 93 até 98, Logus 93 em diante





CA601 / CS601: Civic 97 á 2000 

(Os cubos Honda são para pista, não possuem funcionamento original de buzina nem retorno automático de setas)





CA208 / CS208: Impreza / Forester / Legacy 1993 á 2007 (cubo para pista, não possui encaixe original de buzina nem retorno automático de setas)





CA102 / CS102: Troller até 2008

CA505 / CS505: Troller 2009 em diante 





CPO-PR: Cubo para UTV Polaris

CCA-PR: Cubo para UTV Can-Am