H2O Steering Wheel


The Steering Wheel H2O follows the highest standard of quality and international references of the nautical market, rod built in stainless steel, injected in PU with protection against UV rays, and rings also in stainless steel. It has two options of handle colors (Black and White), is 355mm in diameter and 30mm deep.


Black  -   H2O-PR

White   -  H2O-BR

OTTO Steering Wheel



The Otto Steering Wheel is suitable for smaller boats, but its quality and finish follow exactly the same pattern as the H2O model, it has Steel structure and is injected in PU with protection against UV rays. It has two options of injection (Black and White), 340mm in diameter and central polypropylene.


Black   -  OTO-PR

White  -   OTO-BR

SILVER Steering Wheel


The Silver Steering Wheel is the largest wheel of the line, with 440mm in diameter, its application becomes comprehensive due to its simple look and its high mechanical resistance and aggression to the time.


Black  -   SIL-PR

White   -  SIL-BR