ATTENTION: Product does not ship with AirBag or Sound Control Cards. Photos with these components are Illustrative

GL-R Steering Wheel


The GL-R steering wheel has the function of keeping the AirBag, electronic controls and butterflies exchange (when present) originals. The dimensions are 367mm Width x 360mm Height (the Original is 375mm), the depth is identical to the original. The GL-R steering wheel is covered in suede and plain leather, or in plain leather and perforated leather. And it has the red stripe as in the racing wheels. The Brushed Applique is in Stainless Steel and the coating details are customizable.


Leather and Suede - GLR-PV

Smooth Leather and Perforated Leather - GLR-FV



Compatibility List - GL-R Steering Wheel


JETTA      2011 to 2014 (versions without butterflies are empty)

VARIANT  2009 to 2012

PASSAT    2010 to 2013 / CC 2009 to 2013

TIGUAN   2010 to 2014